• Development of communication strategies
    Every successful company needs good PR and marketing strategies, which are the basis for the entire communication activities.
  • Development and implementation of PR campaigns
    PR campaign is a comprehensive use of PR tools designed to improve the public image and maintain harmonious relations with the public.
  • Reputation audit
    Reputation plays a crucial role in any company's work. Such type of audit allows one to evaluate the effectiveness of PR activities and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Corporate PR
    Corporate PR promotes motivation among employees and development of harmonious relations between managers and employees of the organization.
  • Anti-crisis PR
    Maintaining the image, preserving the reputation, preventing negative rumors and developing a set of measures aimed at taking the organization out of crisis.
  • Self PR
    Carefully constructed public image creates a positive reputation and public recognition.
  • Consulting
    Professional consulting finds solutions for the Client’s tasks in order to manage the reputation and work with target audiences.
  • Corporate training
    Conducting training sessions for employees of organizations and journalists to enhance their professional skills and develop the teams.
  • Special activities
    Organizing and conducting special events on a turnkey basis. A full package of actions for corporate and mass events
  • CSR
    Corporate social responsibility is a key area that bears a beneficial mission and contributes to a positive public image of the company
  • Media monitoring
    Monitoring helps to determine the organization’s position in the mass consciousness and in professional environment, as well as to evaluate the activity of major rivals.
  • Country PR
    Each country is a unique brand which gives an opportunity to promote your product - tourism, quality goods, place for investment, etc.
  • Complex advertising campaigns
    Developing an advertising campaign strategy and a creative concept, budget allocation for channels of communication and media plan development.
  • Promotional materials (POSM, advertisements for print, etc.)
    Designing promotional materials of any complexity and types: handouts and printed materials for promo offers, advertisements to be printed in the press, etc.
  • Identity development (brand book, signature brand style)
    Creating a recognizable corporate style, designing a logo and adapting the brand identity for all types of media (business cards, badges, folders, presentations, etc.)
  • BTL projects (promo offers, samplings, CE activity)
    Development of concepts, scripts for promotional campaigns and other activities to attract consumers and increase brand awareness for your products, services and company.
  • Digital projects (SMM, viral marketing, direct marketing, etc.)
    Designing banners and viral advertising (WOM, WOW calls), promotion of the company in blogs and social networks, building special websites, etc.
  • Infographics
    Graphical presentation of numerical and statistical data, visualization of complex processes and delivering them in an exciting easy-to-remember form.
  • Videos and audio clips
    Creating presentation films, advertising, branding and information video clips, flash animations (3D, 2D) and audio clips.
  • Copywriting
    First and foremost, it is a creative process of advertisement and marketing tools conceptualization, which may include various events and other platforms for brands and services promotion.
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  • Media planning
    Developing a media plan that includes media selection and drafting schedules for broadcasting advertising messages along with the budget distribution.
  • Media strategy development
    Developing a media mix with a selection of the most effective set of media channels. Planning stages of an advertising campaign timewise.
  • Outdoor placement (transport, sales networks)
    An effective marketing tool, aimed at promotion of services and brands among wider audiences.
  • Placement in the Kazakhstani media (national and regional)
    Favorable conditions for advertisement placement in more than 15 national and regional radio stations, 8 national and over 14 regional TV-channels, over 25 national newspapers and magazines and more than 70 regional newspapers, as well as about 40 Internet media outlets
  • Placement in the foreign media (BBC, CNN, Bloomberg)
    Favorable conditions for advertisement placement at the international media platforms - more than 20 different outlets (CNN, Euronews, Bloomberg, BBC, VGTRK (Russia, Russia 24, Moya Planeta, etc.), The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, etc.)
  • Press events
    These include meetings of company representatives with journalists at press conferences, briefings, round tables, presentations, press-tours, etc.
  • Internet (GoogleAd.Words and Yandex.Direct search engine advertising, banner campaigns)
    The Internet today is a huge leading advertising platform for those who wish to raise the company awareness or increase sales.
  • Product placement
    A method of implicit (hidden) advertising by promoting products in films, TV-shows, music videos, books, illustrations and paintings.
  • Service No. 9
    If you did not find what you needed in the mentioned services, then Service No. 9 is for you! We will help you to understand and implement what you need.